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Frequently asked questions


Can  Guardian Angel be incorporated into an existing third-party App?

Yes it can, but there would be additional integration and merging costs and a user-agreement between our principals and the app owner.

Can more than one of my bikes be covered under the same profile?

Yes. Provided that each bike is fitted with a tracker-unit of it's own, your bikes can all be added to one single profile.

Is there an additional price for additional bikes on  my profile?

Yes there is. Depending on the plan that you select, there is an additional monthly charge that covers the administrative fee. This excludes the cost of the additional tracker-units.

If I have more than one bike with Guardian Angel, would I have multiple profiles?

No. Each of your bike tracker-units will be assigned to your original profile for ease of use and contact.

Can I 'opt-out' and stop my monthly subs at any time?

Yes you can, as long as you provide one month notice. Our terms and conditions are more specific.

How can Guardian Angel assist in the event of a hijacking?

While bike hijacking is still random and unusual, as long as you are not separated from your phone, let them take the bike and alert us. We will immediately initiate the tracking and recovery protocols and get the Police and security network to capture the thief. At no time should you attempt to risk your life for your bike - let us do the heavy lifting.

Does the Guardian Angel system have additional anti-theft options?

Yes it does. You could activate the tracker unit to your ignition, hooter or activated to cut fuel or imobilise the bike to provide additional levels of security. We don't use these options as a standard because they could void your warranty depending on the brand or bike you ride. You are free to install and connect these at your discretion.

What if my bike is stolen from an area that doesn't have GSM signal?

Fortunately, the moment the bike re-enters any network area, we will see it and our tracking systems will be activated. If you know that you are going into an area without GSM coverage, notify our control room so that we can monitor movement into and out of the area.

If my bike and tracker-unit are separated, what happens?

Fortunately, the tracker-unit will continue to indicate its location, even if it is removed from your bike. As long as the tracker is active and transmitting, Guardian Angel can automatically initiate over 2000 traffic camera's and vehicle tracking protocols countrywide to locate the bike. If it has been 'chopped', then there is little that any tracking service can do.

What is the difference between the Plus and Care packages?

The basic difference between these options is that in the Plus packages, accident emergency cover is limited to stabilisation, transport and admission cost guarantees, while the Care packages include hospital cover for those without existing medical aid cover.

How do I get the Guardian Angel App on my phone?

Once you have jpoined, you will receive a Username and Password from Guardian Angel. Then: * download the Trackboc App from your app-store * Register yourself on the App. * When prompted, enter your USername and Password * You will be automatically connected to the Guardian Angel App

Are there any conditions under which Guardian Angel is unable to track my bike?

Yes, unfortunately. For example, if you leave a GSM coverage area, we are unable to track the vehicle. Parking underground can also prove difficult for the tracking function. The general rule is to ensure that wherever you park or leave your bike is under GSM coverage, so check your phone before leaving the bike. If you don't have signal on your phone, Guardian Angel can't see the bike either. If you are travelling, here are some handy coverage maps that can assist: South Africa Mozambique Lesotho Namibia

What is the the Guardian Angel Geofence facility?

A Geofence is a virtual 'fence' that is created usually at home or where your bike is normally parked. However, unlike other tracking systems on the market, Guardian Angel creates a geofence around your bike whenever it is parked, ensuring that wherever you are - if your bike moves from that space, you get a notification and are able to verify its safety, or declare an emergency. In that event, Guardian Angel takes over and starts the tracking and recovery protocols.

Does the Guardian Angel App work on any smartphone?

The App will work on any IOS or Android phone currently on the market. Because of US sanctions, Huawei has had to remove Google services from their new devices meaning that going forward, the play store will not be featured on Huawei devices and users won't be able to download the Response app. Our push notifications won't work on new Huawei devices either from the P40 model onwards, as Google services are not on the device any more.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?

You can download a copy of our standards T's and C's here.

How does the Track-Me Option differ from other options?

Unlike the other options which provide a high-level, automated bike anti-theft, recovery and emergency response using an on-board tracking unit, the Track-Me option makes use of your cellphone to provide a personal safety option. It is ideal for personal short-time tracking - as long as you have your phone with you, and can be used for any emergency - just like the full package. It incorporates the same level of emergency support once activated by you or someone at an accident scene.


Does the Guardian Angel tracker-unit fit on any bike?

Yes it does. The FMB 204 tracker-unit is small enough to fit inconspicuously on any make of bike, providing the same level of protection, support and emergency alert. The unit is only 72.5x73x27.3 mm in size, so no problem. For bikes that have limited space, a smaller, more compact FMB 920 version is also available. For technical specs on the FMB204 Tracker, click here For information on the FMB920 Tracker, click here

Can I resell my tracker-unit if I no longer want it?

Yes you can. It is your property once paid for. All you need to do is advise the new owner of the Guardian Angel system and they can then apply in their own right for membership and coverage using that tracker-unit.

What happens if the battery in the tracker-unit loses power or is disconnected from the bike battery?

You receive a notification via the app on your phone to indicate 'low battery' if the tracker's internal battery is getting low, so you have a chance to fix the problem or log a call. If it is disconnected from the battery of the bike, you will get a 'tamper' alert to check your bike.

How do I receive my tracker-unit from Guardian Angel?

Once your application and initial payment have been received, we dispatch your tracker-unit by courier. It will arrive with full fitment instructions, so you can either fit it yourself or have your service agent install it.

What is the battery life of the tracker-unit?

Once it has been disconnected from the bike battery, your unit will continue to send GPS data for up to seven days depending on the tracker model and transmission rate selected. The 'slim-fit' FMB920 tracker unit has less standby power, so we recommend the FMB204 for greater peace of mind.

How will Guardian Angel link my tracker-unit to my profile?

Your tracker-unit carries a unique number which is linked to your profile. Once it is fitted and powered-up, it automatically callibrates and links with your profile. You are active immediately.

Is the tracker-unit difficult to fit?

Not at all. All you need to do is select a place on the bike that is unobtrusive and hidden for the unit. Fix the unit to the spot using a strong adhesive or tape and then connect the power wires to the battery. Once you have powered the unit, it calibrates itself and starts transmitting. If you want to connect to your ignition, fuel system or hooter, the unit comes with an optional connection wires for this purpose.

How do I ensure that the tracker-unit gets a clear signal?

When you fit the tracker-unit, ensure that it is not covered by metal - or located under a metal object, as this will impead its ability to get a signal. The unit must be fitted with the transmitter part (clearly marked) positioned to the top of the bike.

Does it matter where the unit is located?

Not particularly. We recommend that when fitting the tracker, you put the bike on its centre-stand or on a paddock-stand so that the bike is as straight as possible. This is known as the 'neutral position'. It will callibrate itself to this position and indicate whenever the bike leans past the 75 degree point. Also important when fitting the tracker-unit, is to look for a position that will take a thief time to get at. The longer a thief needs to access and remove your tracker-unit, the better chance we have of locating it.

Does the tracker-unit draw power from the battery when the bike is switched-off?

No, it doesn't. It's own lithium battery provides poower during 'sleep' periods, and only starts drawing from the bike battery once the ignition is switched-on or if the bike is moved or tampered with.


Can Guardian Angel track and protect me anywhere?

Yes it can, for as long as you are in the range of a GSM network. If you leave the GSM coverage area, Guardian Angel can still determine your direction and last position in the event of an accident.

What happens if I have an accident outside the coverage area of a GSM signal?

In that event, if Guardian Angel receives an emergency call on your behalf, we can track your probable position based on your last transmitted location and direction and from that, initiate a search and rescue in the area not covered by the signal. If you are going to travel into an areea without GSM coverage, notify the control room so that we can monitor the movement of your bike into and out of that area.

If I am travelling into an area that does not have coverage, what precautions should I take to ensure my safety?

Perhaps the most important is to advise someone at your destination about your route and timing, so that if you don't arrive, they can call our emergency centre and initiate help.

Does Guardian Angel operate across regional borders?

Yes it does. The tracker-unit has a roaming SIM that links to all regional GSM networks.

What if my bike is stolen or I have an accident outside of South Africa?  Can Guardian Angel still help me?

Yes we can. Guardian Angel will still activate associated 'in-country' organisations to assist and help you return. Recovering your bike would largely depend on the effectiveness of local law-enforcement, but we will still give you our full support.

Are there any conditions under which Guardian Angel is unable to track my bike?

Yes, unfortunately. For example, if you leave a GSM coverage area, we are unable to track the vehicle. Parking underground can also prove difficult for the tracking function. The general rule is to ensure that wherever you park or leave your bike, the area is under GSM coverage. So check your phone before leaving the bike - if you don't have signal on your phone, Guardian Angel can't see the bike either.

What if my bike is stolen from an area that doesn't have GSM signal?

Fortunately, the moment the bike re-enters any network area, we will see it and our tracking systems will be activated. If you know that you are going into an area without GSM coverage, notify our control room so that we can monitor movement into and out of the area.


How will I know if my bike is being tamperred with?

Your Guardian Angel automatically sends you an SMS the moment your bike is tampered with or moved from its 'geofence'. This gives you the opportunity to check on your bike, and if it is being tampered with, you can immediately escalate the warning to a 'theft' situation by pressing your emergency button or calling our emergency centre. Alternatively, you can beat the living hell out of the person involved, and consider using the app to call an ambulance for him!

How do I notify Guardian Angel that I have had an accident?

You don't! Guardian Angel automatically registers an accident whenever your bike moves beyond a 75 degree angle from its neutral position and stops moving. We will immediately call you to check on your condition before initiating the emergency services to your GPS location.

If I drop my bike, will it be seen as an emergency?

Yes it will. That is why Guardian Angel always calls first to determine the situation. You can also put the bike into its neutral position as soon as you can, to let the tracker-unit send a correction to the control room. If you actually 'drop' your bike on a corner, simply respond to the call and then pick the pieces up.

If my bike goes in for a service, will it send warnings to Guardian Angel?

Only if the bike is dropped or put on its side will it notify Guardian Angel. Normal movement by the service agent will send you a notification which you can ignore. Should the techie take your bike out for a test and have an accident, you will get the call and you can take the necessary action to escalate the call to an emergency.

Will I get notifications while I am riding the bike?

Yes, you will get an SMS that your bike is moving, so simply ignore the message. Guardian Angel will only escalate the emergency service in an accident or if you declare an emergency.

Must I react to every alert notification?

No, that is not necessary. The alerts are created to raise awareness of the status of your bike at any point in time. Youi can ignore the automated alerts if you feel confident that the bike is safe and not being tampered with. However, in the event that your bike is moved out of its geofence in terms of our protocols, you will receive a call from our controller to check the bike. If you don't respond or we are unable to determine the status of the movement, we will automatically dispatch the SVR service to track the bike and recover it. Accident alerts are automated and we will call you to check the situation. Again, if you don't answer and our protocols are breached, we will dispatch emergency response to your last location. Don't simply ignore the alerts because many of them are there to prevent theft and to ensre the working order of your bike and tracking system.

Can I request to stop receiving alerts?

Yes, you can except for theft (Geofence break) and accident. We will suppress all other alerts on receipt of written authorisation from you (e-mail or fax). These can be for specific periods (such as if your bike is being serviced) or for extended periods (such as if you are out of the country).

Accident Cover

Tell me about the off-bike emergency assistance benefit.

Guardian Angel provides off-bike emergency assistance in the case of any robbery, assault, theft, medical emergency or other emergency through the app on your phone. Simply press the emergency icon on your phone - or call our emergency centre, and we will respond even if you are not on the bike.

What does the accident emergency benefit include?

The cover includes a guarantee for accident recovery (ambulance) and emergency room admission costs on the basic benefit, and hospital costs on the Care package options. Depending on the option you select, the rider and pillion are covered in cases of accident emergencies. Your medical aid scheme - or health insurance policy, will always take prescedence when medical bills are raised. In this event, the accident emergency benefit will not pay out unless your existing medical or hospital policy declines to pay. Costs are limited to the cover provided.

How does the Accident Emergency Cover work?

Our accident emergency cover is a guarantee of payment to ambulance and first responders in the event that you have an accident. It covers the cost of a private ambulance and admission to the closest emergency facility while approval is sought from your medical aid or insurer. Only in cases where your insurer or scheme fail to pay the full costs of emergency treatment will this cover kick-in. Again, it serves as a guarantee of payment to the service providers to ensure quick and professional accident treatment for you and your pillion. It is not a substitute for medical aid or medical insurance cover.

Is the Accident Emergency Cover a medical insurance product?

Not in the case of the standard options. The standard option offers a guarantee of payment for services to first responders and medical facilities in the event of an accident. This ensures that an ambuilance is dispatched and you are admitted to the closest emergency facility for treatment without waiting for approval from your insurer or medical scheme. It does not pay out for these services unless your insurer or medical scheme declines to pay. Total liability is limited to the option you select.

Is the Care option cover a medical aid?

No it isn't. It is a medical insurance product offered by Loyalty Life and underwritten by Genric Insurance. It provides cover for on- or -off-bike emergencies for up to five family members to the value selected. It is recommended for those that do not have existing medical aid or medical insurance cover and it will not pay out for those that do.

After an accident, will the emergency cover pay out automatically?

In the case of the basic guarantee of payment, the coiver will only settle the bills associated with ambulance and emergency care if your medical aid or insurance doesn't. It is intended to get emergency teams to your accident location as soon as possible, but not to superceded other insurance cover. In the Care packages, the cover pays for all costs associated with an accident in the absence of medical aid or m,edical insurance - but only to the limit of the cover selected.

Can I claim from this emergency cover and my medical aid or insurance?

No you cannot. The law is quite clear on this and your insurer will not entertain such claims. In the event of an accident, medical aid and medical insurance cover takes prescedence in settling hospital and medical costs. Only in the event that these sources fail to settle all costs associated with the accident may you approach the Guiardian Angel insurer for assistance.

Can I elect not to take the accident emergency cover?

No. Because the cover has been negotiated and set for a group, it is an embedded amount in your monthly subscription. It also allows our dispatchers and controll staff to dispatch emergency help to you in the event of an accident without first getting approval from your medical aid or insurer. Your life isn't worth the tiny contribution embedded in the subscription.

Stolen Bike Recovery

What does the stolen bike recovery entail?

In the unlikely event that your bike is stolen, Guardian Angel immediately notifies our Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) partner to track the vehicle and recover it. They will work in conjunction with local law enforcement and security structures to find th ebike and recover it as soon as possible.

Is there a cost for this service?

The cost of the SVR service is built into your monthly subscription. This covers the dispatch and recovery process but excludes the cost of false alarms that are generated by the owner.

Can the SVR service operate outside of South Africa?

Yes it can, but recoveries that involve cross-border activities will incur additional costs to the owner of the vehicle. Once a vehicle leaves the Republic, it becomes increasingly difficult to recover so it is imperritive that you notify us immediately of the loss of your bike in the unlikely event that we don't get an automatic alert.

What happens when the bike is recovered?

When your bike is recovered by the SVR service, one of two options may arrise. If the Police have been involved and a case has been opened by the owner, the bike will be taken by the police to the nearest stolen vehicle pound. The SAPS will advise you thereof and you will need to arrange for it's collection. If the bike is recovered by the SVR service directly, you will be advised immediately and given an hour in which to arrange for its transport and recovery. Every hour thereafter that the bike is uncollected is charged directly to you by the SVR.

Does this service include breakdowns?

No it doesn't. A separate Roadside Assist plan is available from Guardian Angel.

Does the service include recovery of my bike after an accident?

No it doesn't. Either you have the Roadside Assist package with Guardian Angel or your insurance company will provide uplift and recovery services.

What information should I provide to help with the SVR service?

The following information is important to ensure that your bike is recovered as soon as possible: * Bike Make and Model * Year of Manufacture * VIN Number * Engine Number * Registration Number * Bike Colour * Any distinguishing features of the bike (such as customisation; marks; etc) This information is mostly collected at the time that you subscribe, but you are urged to go to My Vault on your cellphone App and to capture this as well (in case we haven't got it right)