Marine OneTM

If you own a ski-boat, yacht, jet-ski or other water craft used for leisure purposes, you are probably aware of the growing threat posed by the theft of these items over the recent past.

Until now, owners of pleasure and leisure craft have had to rely on tracking systems developed for the motor industry, but now, Guardian Angel introduces a specific solution for inland-water craft - Marine One.


Marine One is a tracking device backed by the industry-leading technology and systems of Guardian Angel.  Our early-warning systems - combined with the latest GPS, GSM and tracking technology, provides owners of all kinds of leisure-craft  with complete control over their assets from the palm of your hand.

Marine-One offers:

  • a wireless tracking system with extended battery life

  • an automated geofence facility with a 3km radius to detect any  movement of your asset

  • automated messaging and alerts of unauthorised movement of your craft

  • full 24/7 tracking by our manned response centre

  • integrated response with over 800 security and Police resources countrywide

  • a range of additional security services offered by TrackBox Technologies

  • full tracking from your smartphone

If you would like more information on this unique product, contact us on 012 667 6685 today or send us a note to