You've probably never heard about us...

..but Trackbox Technologies - our service and technology partner, has been around for eighteen years.  Together with their allies - including SNIPR and VCAT, Trackbox has been actively building a superior crime-fighting network of nearly 900 emergency response and prevention centres (ERPC's) across southern Africa.  The network offers instant access to a national 24/7 emergency response centre that immediately locates you and your bike; opens a case file and intelligently activates and manages whatever intervention your emergency requires.


Our service is powered by state-of-the-art Tracvia security technologies, giving you peace-of-mind and guaranteeing always to being in contact with our call centre.


Together with the Police, other security organisations and emergency service providers over the past year, Trackbox managed to:

  • track and recover 600 stolen vehicles;

  • identify and track over 300 vehicles on the 'wanted' list;

  • identify and apprehend 2600 criminals; 

  • locate 55 missing persons;

  • manage over 16 888 incidents;

  • respond to 4527 medical emergencies;

  • assist and respond to over 1000 breakdowns and tow-ins;

  • record in excess of 2000 motor vehicle accidents; and 

  • recover goods in excess of 800 million Rands.

With over 60% of all emergencies and calls for assistance coming from the on-board tracking device and app, we are confident that Guardian Angel provides a superior solution to theft, tracing and emergency support for bikers.