A Bad Week...

By all accounts, the past week has been a busy one for bike thieves, with more than 12 bikes having been stolen across the highveld of South Africa and down in Kwa-Zulu Natal too.

Not that any of these thefts have been acknowledged or reported by the Police, it seems bikers turn to social media to get fellow riders to search for their missing property. Sometimes this could work, but guaranteed, by the time you have woken to find your pride and joy missing, it's already halfway to the border under a load of cabbages or its been stripped and already distributed to the black market.

It would be great to think that our buddies can find our bikes once they have been taken, but in reality, this hardly ever happens. I do know of cases where someone's friend has jokingly commented to his buddy on finding his 'lost' bike on the beach in Maputo, but chances of ever getting it back are almost impossible.

Getting your lost bike back is a question of alert and response. There is only one bike tracking service that provides a comprehensive pre-warning of tampering or movement of your bike and that is a good start. Guardian Angel lets you know the moment your bike is tampered with - even if its only a bump, and this gives you the time and opportunity to check your 'baby'. If it is moved without the ignition being activated, you get a phone call immediately so that if it is being stolen, you have a chance to beat the living hell out of the thief before he gets away.

But even if you don't get to the bike in time, our latest service is to offer the country's most effective stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) service as part of our package to you. This means that once your bike is moved and keeps moving, we alert the recovery team and vector them into the position of the bike as soon as possible - rather than waiting for someone in the Police to react. They have a unmatched record in recoveries and the company makes use of the latest technology to ensure that even if your tracker is blocked, they are still able to locate it with some serious magic!

But I digress! When asked whether their bikes were fitted with a tracker unit, six out of ten said no. The other four had systems that only reacted when they called the theft in almost five hours later. Why would you buy such an expensive vehicle and not install the very best tracking and recovery system available. While we are sad to see anyone lose their bike through theft, we shake our heads in disbelief at those that still think a padlock and chain is good enough!

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