A New Riding Year

Happy New Year to all our readers and loyal followers. All of us here at Guardian Angel wish you the best and safest riding year, which by the look of comments of Facebook over the past month, is set to be even more adventurous and exhilarating.

But if the recent weather in Southern Africa is anything to judge the coming the year ahead, it's also a year that is likely to be filled with challenging conditions for the average rider. Heavy rainfall; deteriorating roads and increased traffic volumes on all routes will pose special challenges to many and the chances of an 'off' will increase for those less experienced and sure of themselves.

But in addition to this, from personal experience over the festive season, drivers of trucks and cars appear to be dropping their guard with regards bikes and bikers in general, and the chance of an accident that involves more than simply dropping your bike seems more likely this year.

We can never become complacent about riding or safety and bike accidents happen when we least expect. And by accidents, we should consider everything from an awkward fall to a fatal collision. With effect from 1 January, a leading accident emergency service that had over 1000 bikes covered decided to stop their biker option because of the high number of claims it was experiencing - leaving every one of these clients without accident emergency cover. But we have not seen any growth in our membership in spite of this, so we assume that those that had cover with Accident Angels have now either dropped their emergency response cover or are now relying on their existing medical aid and medical insurance cover to respond in the event of an accident.

That is quite understandable, but what you need to consider is the fact that unless you have a means - or the ability, to contact your insurer after an accident, you could lie on the road (or worse - off the road) for an age before anyone gets emergency support to you. And what if you are riding alone? Who will notify emergency services about your situation? Yes, fellow riders will assist where they can but over 80% of bike accidents in South Africa take place when riders are on their own. That poses a very real threat to you and your fellow riders and the chance that you could be unconscious or unable to make that life-saving call when you need it. Not a nice thought, but here are some sobering facts to consider:

  • no ambulance service will dispatch a response vehicle without guarantee of payment by yourself or your insurer; and

  • you will not be admitted to an emergency room without the same guarantee.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, you would have to be fully conscious to provide information on your insurer or make damn sure that your insurers details are on your person when you have that accident in order to get the care you need..!

That's scary..!

So, now is the time to really consider a tracking and emergency response service that not only monitors and prevents theft of your, bike but which more importantly, provides a remote and automated emergency response service in the event of an accident. Guardian Angel is just this kind of service. A locally developed initiative by bikers for bikers - and supported and managed by the country's most advanced and respected emergency response organisation, Guardian Angel could be that life-saving service that we all need in our biking lives. You might never need emergency response - much like you might never need medical aid, but shit happens and are you prepared to risk your life on the off-chance that you wont need it?

Stop thinking about your safety and make a decision that will almost certainly help save your life. And do it now...


Guardian Angel provides bikers with unmatched riding peace of mind. Developed by bikers who understand the risks and threats we face, this product offers everything from emergency response support (even when you cant speak for yourself) and accident emergency cover, to alerts for bike tampering; attempted theft; vehicle recovery; tracking and location; and accidental fall-over situations. For more information, visit

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