Gone in 20 Seconds..

Over the past week, we have been entertained by the measures thieves take to get to your bike and even bikes parked-in by cars at homes are no longer safe.

With the current price of bikes starting in excess of a quarter of a bar for anything decent, thieves are having a ball with the demand for our bikes from neighbouring countries and it seems that they stop for nothing. In one case, video footage shows how three guys simply lift a GSA up and over two cars before pushing it out the gate and down the road. The locked gate; security lights; dogs and proximity of the bike to the house and neighbour made no difference to these guys and another bike was added to the theft statistics in South Africa (not that the SAPS are keeping record).

But to what extent can we absolve ourselves of guilt in making the theft of bikes so easy? Well, on a recent stay at a well-known pub and guest house in the Lowveld, I made a point of checking bikes randomly in the carpark right in front of the pub and its parking area and found that at least 50% were parked without the steering lock being activated. The most guilty were the GS riders, and when speaking to them about their choice of security, the general response was that that lock was meaningless in protecting their bikes, so why bother? Others said that their fob keys made it impossible to steal the bike and there were even those that were unaware of having left the lock off.

In Europe, the trend by manufacturers to install the new-fangled fob key systems has recently created a degree of debate since it was found that certain commercially available jammers used by thieves can override the locking system completely, leaving the bikes vulnerable and easy targets. Our skilled alternate shoppers in South Africa have cottoned on to this gap and it is only a matter of time before we see more of this type of theft happening in this country. Already - following the lockdown and the increase in unemployment levels, motor vehicle theft and hijacking cases are climbing at an alarming rate, and it is only a matter of time before bikers become an even easier target for cash goods.

The fact is that no matter insignificant a security device may seem, it offers a layer of protection against thieves and even though the steering lock can be broken with a determined pull on the handlebars, it poses a delay for thieves. To those that have an early-warning theft-protection system on your bike, this tampering and jolt to the bike represents a chance to catch the SOB's in the middle of the act - or at least to alert security and Police in the area. Whether you have a disk lock; chain and lock or advanced warning system, its all about making it less attractive to thieves to steal your bike.

Of course, there are those that believe their bikes are mere trinkets and that they can be replaced by insurance, but to the passionate rider, the bike is worth saving and protecting.


Guardian Angel is South Africa's most advanced early-warning theft detection; tracking and emergency response motorcycle system. Our industry-leading technology and unique algorithmic response to threats and emergencies makes Guardian Angel the most sensible solution for bike owners across the southern African region. Call us for more information.

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