It's about safety.....

Motorcycle safety is a growing concern across the world, and the increased use of 'bikes' for daily commuting, leisure and sport create increased risk to the lives and property of bikers in general.

In response to this, there are initiatives in many countries that aim to raise the issue of motorcycle safety - many of them already highly successful. In South Africa, the Motorcycle Safety Institute (MSI) is one-such organisation that has over the past number of years dedicated itself to our well-being as bikers.

Started by Hein Jonker and a dedicated band of concerned bikers in 2015, the MSI's mission is to change the way that bikers think, and thereby change the way they ride. By raising the question of riding habits and creating awareness of - and opportunity to improve safer riding skills, they have contributed hugely to attempts to reduce motorcycle accidents in this country. They still remain the only source of motorcycle accident statistics in this country and their regular training sessions for everyone from novice riders to road captains help change the way we ride - and survive.

It is for this reason that we are pleased to become Mission Partners with the MSI. Guardian Angel is primarily a motorcycle safety and emergency response service to bikers - with the added benefits associated with anti-theft and tracking services. We are committed to helping our fellow bikers survive perfectly survivable motorcycle accidents by ensuring the swiftest and most advanced emergency response available in our region. While anti-theft and tracking services are offered by most tracking companies, Guardian Angel is the only locally developed, motorcycle specific system to offer an emergency response capability that doesn't require personal activation, and in that way, saves valuable time in true emergencies.

Accident's happen - but their likelihood, severity and survivability depend on knowledge and the support of organisations such as MSI and Guardian Angel. Support those that have real motorcyclist interests at heart - not just those that promise and don't deliver.

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