Nudge Nudge!

Last week, I noticed a Facebook entry from a biker in which he complained about thieves stealing his licence disk and holder of his bike. He wanted to know whether anyone knew of an alarm system he could get that would not drain his battery as he already had a well-known tracking system on his bike.

This raises two issues in particular. Firstly, if he has an existing tracker system on his bike - and it doesn't alert him to someone tampering with his bike, then he should question the efficacy of that tracker completely. Some would say that trackers are not designed to register or react to minor nudges or movements of bikes, but that is not true.

Let's for a moment look at the process of removing a licence disk from a bike. The mere process of removing the disk causes movement to the bike - no matter how nimble-fingered the thief is, and any system worth buying should be able to recognise this. What about someone accessing your top-box or panniers? The same could be said for tampering efforts with these, and the list continues.

The second issue this raises is that if your tracking system needs an after-market alarm to support it's effectiveness, then you have the wrong system on the bike. There is no harm in having an alarm on your bike - and many do, but it is pointless and laughable to have one if you (a) cant hear it or (b) is so sensitive that the fart of a bullfrog set's it off. In the latter case, you will ultimately disconnect the alarm just to get some sleep and pacify your neighbours, so again I ask, what's the point? Ask yourself - when last did you react to a car alarm?

Your best defence is in installing a tracker that alerts you the moment your bike is being tampered with - irrespective of where you are, and which allows you the opportunity to properly protect your belongings. You want a tracker to alert you to tampering, but also to situations such as if your battery is low; whether the battery is being disconnected; where the bike is being moved; if your bike is pushed /or falls over and the most important, alert the closest medical response team in the event of an accident.

This sounds a lot like the Guardian Angel system. It is South Africa's ONLY bike-specific theft prevention, tracking, accident alert and automatic emergency response system. It has been specifically created to recognise the dynamics of motorcycles and to provide a package of benefits and safety features that have been created to make your riding safer and more enjoyable. And it comes in one package - without the need for additional add-on alarms, whistles or bells.

If your tracker does not alert you to some dickhead messing with your bike, dump it and switch to one that does. You will sleep better, but you will also have the opportunity to experience the warm gratifying feeling of having caught the thief and of beating the crap out of him.

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