The Best.. Really?

Over the past week, I have been embroiled in a 'twar' - twitter war, with the developers and owners of an American manufactured motorcycle tracking system. The cause was their arrogant claim of their product being 'the Worlds Best' tracking system, without the faintest of proof to back this claim.

And predictably, local riders teased by their facebook promo clamored to find where to get the product locally. Perhaps this was because the product is manufactured overseas - where everything is considered better in some challenged minds, or maybe the ridiculously low price being asked for a phone-based app in US Dollars. But whatever it was, their claim rang hollow and I had the temerity to call them out on this. In fact, I went as far as to say - based on social media comment from various countries, that the system worked well in the US but not around the 'World'..!

Well, the indignation that followed from this challenge was predictably savage, and the proponents of the system went to great lengths to say that it worked well in the UK, EU, Australia, US and Canada - contrary to some of the comments on their own media. I suppose to anyone living within the borders of the United States, these countries comprise the rest of the 'world', but in the real world - even in those countries regarded by their government as 'shitholes', it doesn't. 'How dare I discount the product without checking the facts?' Well, before I commented, I did in fact check the 'facts' by following their social media and web trail. And, in the same vein I asked, how dare anyone claim to be the 'Worlds Best' without doing research into their competitors and suitability of their product in all countries?

Calling the US baseball championships the 'World Series' when the US is the only country in the world to recognise this sport at a national level is a well-known joke, but let's be realistic, using the same claim when there are clearly better systems and technology in other parts of the world is unmitigated bullshit! Looking at the offering, buyers purchase the app - which is nothing more than a mapping system with an emergency contact number facility, hardly compares with some of the other systems globally. And at the price, what can a user expect? There is no early warning tamper alert; no instant theft alert; no crash detect; no emergency response service; no battery and systems check.... I could go on...!

So, if you have been tempted to buy this 'remarkable' system from the facebook advertising campaign flooding the South African biking community, ask a few pertinent questions before making a total ass of yourself with exciting responses as to 'where can I get one'. It doesn't work in southern Africa and is nothing more than a gimmick to provide a sense of comfort to those that don't know any better.. As the old adage says, 'a fool and his money are soon parted' and stupid, untested and and patently untrue claims of 'Worlds Best' are nothing but marketing nonsense.

And as for the price! If you expect anything as cheap as this type of system to do anything more than look pretty and give you a false sense of security, go ahead - its your life and property you're risking. A simple Google search can provide the same without any cost, so why bother? The truth is that any system worth considering comes at a cost - the cost of development, operational effectiveness and sustainability, and not a once-off fee. Modern systems - technologically sound ones, cost more because they offer real benefits and protection, They are backed-up by control rooms that monitor your property and life, and they have a proven track-record.

'Worlds Best' ....... dream on!


Guardian Angel is a South Africa developed and tested motorcycle emergency response app that offers a range of theft protection, tracking, alert and automated response services across the SADEC region. It utilises both GSM and GPS technology to ensure seamless tracking and biker safety and compares well against anything currently on the market. It is backed by the technology leader TrackBox Technologies, which monitors the lives and property of over three-hundred-thousand users across the region.

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